Import and export of mineral and energy sources

Their long-term business contacts in the CIS countries enable the HMT Group to offer numerous mineral resources for the ferrous and non-ferrous industry including manganese ore, metallurgical coke, lead and zinc concentrate, special coke „Recsil“ produced at Novator LLP in Karaganda, Kazakhstan.

Novator GmbH is a subsidiary of the HMT Group and develops innovative, environmentally friendly and waste-free coal technologies. The research group of the Novator project „Special coke with low ash content“ succeeded for the first time in 2005 in obtaining the reducing agent – special coke with low ash content from a mineral raw material.

Special coke with low ash content is a deoxidizing agent of the new generation and is used in the melting of crystalline silicon to obtain silicon metal and can thus be used as a 100% charcoal substitute.

The economic and technical advantages over charcoal:

  • Power increase of the electric furnace up to 10%
  • Reduction of production costs up to 10%
  • Increase the degree of extraction from 75% to 93%
  • High melt efficiency due to two-component layer (quartz + special coke with low ash content)

The annual output of the special coke is about 10,000 tons.

The applicability of special coke Recsil has been confirmed by scientific research institutes in Kazakhstan and Russia by a large-scale production test.

As of 2014, regular deliveries were made from the special coke Recsil to RWsilizium, Germany.